Motivate the team with a special event

Different ideas of experience tourism which are plentiful in Pärnu are perfect for motivating the team or spending time with conference participants in the evening. The picturesque nature and the resort-like city, along with the Pärnu River and Pärnu Bay, offer plenty of opportunities for leisure.

At major events, it is common for the working part to be followed by an evening networking event where contacts are exchanged, and people get to know each other. The post-conference introduction event does not always have to be a traditional standing event, it can also be organized in a more memorable way. When people from different locations come to the conference, it is very useful to bring the participants out of the ordinary environment for a moment and get them to interact through some common activities. Such activities also add value to the conference itself.

Some ideas:

  • Design your own wooden cutting boards, keychains, or pan spatulas for souvenirs.
  • If you have more time, it is worth taking a trip to the wonderful island of Kihnu.
  • Why not invigorate your guests with a night at spa or a pool party with a DJ and good music in the background?
  • Fun SUP yoga on the beautiful Pärnu beach, a sailing trip on the Pärnu Bay or a fishing trip with a tour guide on the Pärnu River.
  • Discover local cider farms.
  • However, if you want to seriously challenge teamwork and team spirit, test with a team how easy or difficult it is to escape from the old prison in Pärnu, or have participants race each other on a circuit with a Porsche 911 Carrera S.
  • You can also read Estonian Convention Bureaus blog post about the top team event ideas in Pärnu.
.. and many more ideas. See our partners in the list below or write to us HERE and ask for advice.

Kolme Karu Kaubamaja

Kolme Karu Kaubamaja and Vaas&Vaas open atelier is a creative association operating together since December 2011, on the ground floor of the Waldhof Ärimaja in the Papiniidu business district in Pärnu.

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Mamm&Frukt winery

Mamm&Frukt is an urban winery in the Summer Capital established in 2015. The production is in a small garage-type building in Raeküla and degustation room in a rustic historical villa on Pärnu beach.

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Hedon SPA & HOTEL – Night Spa

Hedon SPA & HOTEL cares about you and your people! At our hotel, you can combine work with relaxation in a high-quality and harmonious way so that you could improve your business and team.

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Jaanihanso cider tour

Jaanihanso makes true apple cider in Kaelase village, Pärnu county. The traditional local juicing apples are juiced on the spot in late autumn, just as they ripe.

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