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Motivate the team with a special event

Different ideas of experience tourism which are plentiful in Pärnu are perfect for motivating the team or spending time with conference participants in the evening. The picturesque nature and the resort-like city, along with the Pärnu River and Pärnu Bay, offer plenty of opportunities for leisure.

At major events, it is common for the working part to be followed by an evening networking event where contacts are exchanged, and people get to know each other. The post-conference introduction event does not always have to be a traditional standing event, it can also be organized in a more memorable way. When people from different locations come to the conference, it is very useful to bring the participants out of the ordinary environment for a moment and get them to interact through some common activities. Such activities also add value to the conference itself.

Some ideas:

  • Design your own wooden cutting boards, keychains, or pan spatulas for souvenirs.
  • If you have more time, it is worth taking a trip to the wonderful island of Kihnu.
  • Why not invigorate your guests with a night at spa or a pool party with a DJ and good music in the background?
  • Fun SUP yoga on the beautiful Pärnu beach, a sailing trip on the Pärnu Bay or a fishing trip with a tour guide on the Pärnu River.
  • Discover local cider farms.
  • However, if you want to seriously challenge teamwork and team spirit, test with a team how easy or difficult it is to escape from the old prison in Pärnu, or have participants race each other on a circuit with a Porsche 911 Carrera S.
  • You can also read Estonian Convention Bureaus blog post about the top team event ideas in Pärnu.
.. and many more ideas. See our partners in the list below or write to us HERE and ask for advice.


National evening at Maria farm

Maria farm is a Western-Estonia-style barn-dwelling with an authentic drying barn oven made of local hand-made bricks. Today we offer the visitors traditional farm foods along with a folk programme, which introduces Estonian folk culture and party traditions through games, dances and music.

ESTONIA Resort Hotel & Spa experiences at the spa

We're convinced that work definitely doesn't have to be dull and tiring! A truly relaxing spa experience at the end of a long day of meetings hits the spot.

Cocktail workshop at your event

You'd like to do something different with a group of friends or coworkers? Have fun, learn something new and hear interesting stories from the world of drinks?

Travelling bar at your event

Travelling bar Hulkur arrives exactly where needed and turns your event into a party!


Lantern-lit tour

We invite you on an atmospheric lantern tour on the streets of Pärnu old town, where stories of ages past will be revived to illuminate the darker side of a sunny resort town.

Fast and fun tour - discover Pärnu on electric scooters

Pärnu Private Tours offers a varied selection of tours with a professional guide - from traditional city tours to tasting experiences.

Beer themed tour with local craft beer tasting

A jaunty walk in the old town with stops to enjoy local craft beers and snacks is great for both socializing and boosting the mood.

Get to know Kihnu island in one day

Kihnurand welcomes all travellers, who need accommodation, catering, bicycles to explore the island, lorries for tours or just nice entertainment. Bad weather is not a problem – a group of up to 30 people can fit into our retro bus.

Culture-filled day on Kihnu

Kihnu is a wonderful island of treasures – we welcome excitement seekers who wish to enjoy authentic, everyday life on Kihnu, experience the thrilling history of the island and its rich legacy of culture and arts – all priceless!

Pärnu Kummitustuur

Pärnu Õudustuuride alla koonduvad mitmed äraspidised ja kummalised jalutuskäigud. Kindlasti ei tasu meie tuuridelt otsida ajaloolist tõde või faktitihedust, küll aga põnevust, head nalja ja toredat ajaviitmist nurgatagustes, kuhu muidu ei satu.


Relax in a private night spa

Have you ever been at a spa at night? From 9.00 pm to 12.00 am, it is possible to privately book the whole bathing area and Silent spa area of Hedon spa for your group! Night spa is an excellent way to spend time with your team, business partners or friends in a relaxing and nice way.

'Open air yoga' wherever you are

Paljajalu is a yoga studio in the heart of Pärnu – a place where good ideas and good people meet. But during the summer, when the weather is nice, we move our studio outside to enjoy the sun on our noses and grass under our feet – as is customary in the Summer Capital of Estonia!

Seminar saunas

Juba Vanas-Roomas sündisid parimad ideed ja sõlmiti parimad kokkulepped just saunas!


Sailing on Pärnu Bay or to small islands

When sailing, you can experience the quietest silence and also a stormy sea, unforgettable sunsets and pleasant breezes. Sailing on Pärnu Bay is a nice surprise for colleagues, friends or cooperation partners.

Canoe trip

Kanuu.ee is glad to offer canoe trips: a nice way to spend half the day actively is to go canoeing on Audru River near Pärnu. If you'd like to choose a longer route, we will go to Soomaa National Park.

Porsche Ring racing experiences

Pärnu city hosts probably the best circuit racing track in the Nordic countries that welcomes all enthusiasts to enjoy driving experiences or test out their car or motorbike.

Stand-up paddleboard hike

SUP-boarding is easy and incredibly fun! It is suitable for men and women, young and old, athletes and office people. The shallow and sandy Pärnu bay creates excellent conditions for everyone to enjoy SUP-boarding.

Bog hike

Kanuu.ee will take you on a hike to unexplored marshes close to the city. Gently moving across a shifting bog on special shoes, we will discover the curious nature of marshlands.

Kalapüügivõistlus või parveehitus

Meie ülesanne on teha teie meeskonnaliitmise- ja motivatsiooniüritusest ettevõtet ühendav ja kaasahaarav elamus.

Small surfing camp

Pärnu is inseparable from the summer and the beach which in turn are inseparable from SURFING. Aloha Surf welcomes you from the middle of May until the middle of September. See you at the beach!


Design Meets Wine workshop

Mamm&Frukt is an urban winery in the Summer Capital established in 2015. We honour traditions but find that as Estonia is a very young wine country, testing out flavours, experimentation and playfulness is only natural.

Tour of Jaanihanso Cidery

You can see and taste true Estonian cider at the Jaanihanso cider factory. The hosts at the cider factory will take you on a tour of the factory and apple orchard, and also offer you five ciders along with snacks after the tours.


Wooden utensil design workshops

Kolme Karu Kaubamaja and Vaas&Vaas open atelier is a creative association operating together since December 2011. Design and paint wooden objects in a fun, casual environment!

Floristry workshops

Inspirational crafting with plants. Learn something completely new!

Design Meets Wine workshops

Spend time creatively with colleagues after a busy day of work, seminars or training.

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