Whether you are interested in the nature and culture, you like to enjoy the environment of a sleepy little town, pamper yourself with spa treatments, listen to beautiful concerts or love the sea, boating and sailing, cycling and long walks – in Pärnu you will find it all!

17 reasons for visiting Pärnu and Pärnu County:

  1. Modern and clever, but valuing traditions
  2. Nine unique spas
  3. The largest and most beautiful beach in Estonia
  4. The best surfing conditions in Scandinavia
  5. Well-preserved historic old town
  6. The only Estonian town in the immediate vicinity of a river and the sea
  7. Many green parks and walkways
  8. Well-preserved resort culture
  9. Great network of bike paths
  10. Unique summer cafes
  11. Excellent concerts
  12. Soomaa National Park, where you can witness five different seasons
  13. Matsalu National Park – one of Europe’s best bird watching destinations
  14. Kihnu island – unique in the whole world with its preserved local culture
  15. Small fishing villages
  16. Well-maintained hiking trails in a beautiful environment
  17. Several beautiful and peaceful beaches (such as White Beach and Kabli)

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