Why to visit Pärnu?

If you like to enjoy the atmosphere of a slightly sleepy little town, pamper yourself with spa treatments, take in some of the rich cultural experiences or admire the power of nature, Pärnu is just the right place to visit for your holidays. Here, you can enjoy cycling trips and long walks, watch the nature come to life in spring, take part in summer activities and enjoy the autumn and winter romance.

Pärnu is home to the largest and most beautiful sandy beach in Estonia

The coast of Pärnu County is also full of smaller and more private beach nooks that are great for swimming, having a picnic and enjoying the sunset. Pärnu beach has the best surfing conditions in the Nordic countries. The shallow water and the bay open to the winds make Pärnu a true surfers’ paradise.

Pärnu is the only city in Estonia that is simultaneously located on the seashore and on the mouth of a river.

The city is very compact, smart and at the same time proud to have its traditions. You will be welcomed, all year round, by nine unique spas, lots of greenery and an atmosphere characteristic of a resort, with top-class restaurants, cafés, theatre and concert experiences. There are two golf centres near Pärnu. You will also find plenty of opportunities for fishing on the river and on the sea.

There are many places to discover in Pärnu County forests and nature. The Matsalu National Park is one of Europe’s richest areas for bird species. In Soomaa, you can wander around and go hiking on foot, in bogshoes or in a canoe. The islands of Kihnu and Manija still honour the traditions and customs of ancient Estonians. Hiking trails and beautiful nature can be admired both in the north and in the south, on the sea, on the coast and in the mainland.

You can never get enough of Pärnu .

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