Restaurants and cafes in Pärnu

First and foremost, Pärnu’s restaurants and cafes stand out for their talented chefs. The best restaurants in Pärnu are featured in the Estonian Restaurant Guide and are therefore definitely worth visiting. Besides the fancy a la carte restaurants, you will find many lovely cafes and good pubs in Pärnu. The restaurants and cafes are mainly located in the town center and the beach area, which makes them convenient for visitors. You can enjoy the beautiful seafront and dine while the sun is setting in several restaurants. Most restaurants in Pärnu change their menu a couple of times a year using local produce and goods according to the season. This means continuous updates and exciting flavor experiences.

Since we host the majority of our visitors in the summertime, restaurants and cafes get particularly popular then and we recommend booking a table in advance. It gets quieter outside of the summer season and many places surprise with special offers. Pärnu Restaurant Week and Pärnu Cafe Week take place in April and in fall respectively. Those are great opportunities to try out novel flavors and discover new restaurants and cafes in town. During these themed weeks, multi-course menus are offered at reduced prices. Pärnu features both local as well as foreign and exotic flavors – Armenian, American, Italian, Georgian, and Turkish cuisines, among others. Not to mention the town’s popular bakeries, where you can enjoy fresh pastries and coffee in the morning.