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Pärnu Beach is only a 15-minute walk from the City Centre. Thanks to the shallow and rapidly warming water of Pärnu Bay, Pärnu Beach is an excellent place for bathing. On warm summer days, the temperature at Pärnu Beach may even rise to 30 degrees. Set in 2010, the record water temperature at Pärnu Beach is 33 °C!

The coastline of Pärnu is nearly 2 kilometres long, which means that there is room for everyone. The area around the Beach House is the most popular. In addition to the central beach, one of the seaside attractions in Pärnu is the Ladies’ Beach, located in the direction of the mouth of the river.


Lifeguards are on duty at Pärnu Beach from 1 June to 31 August. The area guarded by lifeguards stretches from the Side Street extension to Ladies’ Beach. Lifeguards provide parents with wristbands for children, on which they can write their telephone number.

The flags flying from lifeguard towers provide information on swimming conditions:

  • A red flag is a warning that swimming is dangerous for everyone (cold water, poor weather conditions, algae or other pollution).
  • Small children, the elderly, and poor swimmers should not enter the water under a yellow flag.
  • Swimming is okay for everyone under a green flag.

Activities on the beach

In addition to enjoying the gorgeous sandy beach, there are a lot of other things to do at Pärnu Beach. There is a large playground at the beach with swings for children, and a small ice cream café operates on the playground. Attractions have also been placed on the sandy beach, including a trampoline and a mini-golf course. It is also possible to rent bicycles, scooters, mini-cars, and other means of transportation on the beach.

Surfing is one of the most popular ways to enjoy an active holiday at Pärnu Beach. Thanks to warm and shallow water and a good sandy bottom, Pärnu Beach is the best beach for new surfers in Scandinavia. There are surf clubs located at the end of the Pärnu Side Street extension which offer a number of different opportunities for getting involved with surfing. During the summer, the surf clubs organise various exciting events and concerts.

Food and drink

The closest restaurants to the beach are the Steffani Beach Restaurant, the Hedon Spa and Hotel’s restaurants Akord and Raimond, the café ‘Statka Resto’ at the Beach Stadium and the restaurant of Rannahotell. During the summer season, various pop-up kiosks and small outdoor cafés sell ice cream, drinks, light meals, and other refreshing things. You will not go hungry at the beach, and paying by bank card is possible in most places.

Among the new eateries, Oaas, a Mediterranean style beach café with a beautiful view of the sea and a fountain, has been opened on the extension of Kuuse Street. On the extension of Side Street, the beach restaurant POKO is open, with a menu including pizzas with natural leaven, seafood, local fish, summer sushi and salads, as well as cocktails, of course.

Parking at Pärnu Beach

The closest official car parks to Pärnu Beach are:

  • Between the Resort Hall and Ladies’ Beach – Mere puiestee 9
  • Central beach – Ranna puiestee 1a

From 1 June to 31 August, paid parking is in effect at Pärnu’s official car parks and on its streets.

Parking costs:

  • 1 hour = €4
  • 1 calendar day = €12

With a parking clock, parking is free for the first 30 minutes.

Parking permits can be purchased from parking meters and R-Kiosks.

In addition to official car parks, there are a number of private car parks in the beach area. Make sure to follow information boards and traffic signs describing the regulation of parking.

Good to know

Toilets are located in the Pärnu Beach House, behind the Steffani Beach Restaurant, and by Pärnu’s surf centres.

In addition to the sandy beach, the Pärnu Beach Promenade – winding its way from the Beach House to the surf centres at the end of Pärnu Beach – is a beautiful place for a walk, no matter the season. Located between the city centre and the beach is Beach Park, where it is nice to walk or ride a bicycle. In addition, smaller and larger events often take place there during the summer.

Even those interested in architecture have much to see along Pärnu Beach:

  • Located in the middle of Pärnu Beach is the Beach House, built in 1938.
  • Located nearby are two symbols of resort architecture dating from the same era and architect – the Beach Hotel, built in 1937, and the historic Mud Baths, part of today’s Hedon Spa and Hotel, which was completed in 1927.

Beach maintenance

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