Discover Pärnu by bike

There are over 70 kilometers of light traffic roads in Pärnu. Therefore, the bicycle can be considered one of the best ways of transport to discover Pärnu. In a few hours you can make a big tour in the city, seeing areas that the average visitor often does not get to. So a few hours of cycling in Pärnu is a must do.

In addition, many Pärnu companies make special offers when you visit them by bicycle. All offers with the Pärnu bicycle path bicycle map can be found HERE.

Bicycle rental in Pärnu

There are several bicycle rental companies operating in Pärnu. Some companies rent their bikes all year round, others only during the summer season. Above you will find all the companies.


Tõrukese bicycle rental offers different sizes and types of bicycles for children and adults. You can select from both city and mountain bikes. In addition, it´s possible to rent a tandem bicycle, a child carrier trailer or a child seat. Each bike comes with a lock and a helmet.

If you want to choose a bicycle on spot, Tõrukese is located next to Rannahotell, Ranna pst 5 (opened only in the summer season, from 1st of June to 31st of August). The bikes can be rented in advance all year round by phone.

(+372) 502 8269


Bicycle of various sizes, tandem wheel, kids bikes of different sizes, child carrier trailer and a child seats are available for rental. The price includes a lock and a helmet. There are also sport bikes available for longer trips.

In the summer Baltreisen bicycle rental is located in the center of Pärnu (Pühavaimu Str 17). The bikes can be rented in advance all year round by phone.

(+372) 5696 9760


Electric bikes

Bolt and Tuul

In the summer, Bolt and Tuul offer electric scooters for rent. To rent the scooters you must have a Bolt or Tuul app in your phone. You can rent the scooters on the street everywhere in the city center. You must finish renting the scooter inside the area approved by Bolt or Tuul which is indicated by the app.


Bicycle rental in the county

The unique island of Kihnu is an ideal place to discover by bicycle.Bicycles can be rented directly from the port on the island. In summer, we recommend renting a bicycle in advance, because due to their popularity, all bicycles can be rented out when you arrive. Read more about accessing Kihnu Island and bicycle rentals HERE.

In addition to international routes, we have mapped out some routes that should make your cycling much more comfortable. This means that you do not have to drive on the big highway when coming to or from Riga. When you go to Soomaa, you can enjoy pleasant and peaceful nature. A good quiet road leads to Kihnu.


We’ve put together some of the routes we recommend. If you want, you can navigate them through Google Maps.

Important! The points marked on the map are only guidelines for staying on the route.

Route Pärnu - Ikla

Golfi tee, that departs Pärnu is not an asphalt road (it’s a 2.4 km forest route) but it is manageable for anyone, and beats the alternative, a long ride alongside a highway. At the end of the Golfi tee, you should take a short ride to the Riga highway, where you have to go about 450 meters before turning right again. The speed limit for cars on this section is 70 kmh. The next road will take you directly to Uulu, where you will have to cross the Riga highway, then can continue along the small Häädemeeste highway. The road ends again on the Riga highway, where it is necessary to cross the road and then bike straight to the border.
58 km

Route Pärnu - Soomaa (Riisa Raba)

Starting from Pärnu, you can bike along the pedestrian road up to the border of Tammiste. Then you will have to bike about five kilometers along the main highway and turn right on the first big crossroad towards the town of Sindi, and then immediately to the left. This will bring you to a peaceful road running along the Pärnu River. After passing 10 km, turn right at Oore tee to see beautiful views of the Pärnu River and reach the town of Tori faster. The final destination, the Riisa hiking trail, is located directly on the border of Soomaa. The entire road is asphalt.
33 km

Route Pärnu - Kihnu

The road to Kihnu goes largely along the international Eurovelo bike route, with a small exception. If you have time, we recommend that you turn left at Kabriste, to reach Pärnu Bay. There, the road takes you through several traditional fishing villages. The asphalt road ends in the village of Liu, where you should return to the Eurovelo route. When traveling from Pärnu, it is important to turn right before the bridge on Lihula Road, then bike under the bridge and turn left. NB! Pärnu poolt liikudes on oluline pöörata paremale enne Lihula maantee silda ning siis silla alt läbi sõita (pöörata vasakule).
44 km

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