Vacation in Pärnu with a Pet

When you come to Pärnu on vacation, you don’t have to leave your four-legged favorite at home or with your neighbors with a sad heart. Pärnu is a dog-friendly city and guests with dogs are welcome in many cafes, restaurants and hotels in Pärnu. There are also separate areas on the beach where you can bathe with your dog.

Vacation with a dog

Among others, guests with dogs are accommodated by Hedon SPA & Hotel, ESTONIA Resort Hotel & SPA, Wasa Resort and Strand SPA & Conference Hotel. In Hedon, vacationers with pets are offered rooms on the first floor of the historic mud house, which also has easy access to the outdoors. At the Strand, you can stay with your pet in a standard room. At Estonia Resort, a drinking bowl, a towel for cleaning paws and plastic bags await visitors with a dog in the room. When coming to Pärnu with a dog and booking accommodation, you must inform the hotel that you have a four-legged friend with you. It is also worth familiarizing yourself with the hotel’s custom in advance of your vacation, in which areas you can walk with your dog and when you must keep your dog on a leash.

Eating and drinking with a dog

If the dog gets thirsty, you can ask for water from a dog-friendly restaurant along the street. The city also has public water taps. They are located at the entrance to Naisteranna, on the extension of Lehe Street by the children’s playground and on the extension of Side Street. You should not take water from the fountain for your pet.

The most dog-friendly restaurants in Pärnu are listed on this page. Some places allow you to dine with your dog on the terrace, while others allow friendly and peaceful four-legged friends to stay indoors. In many places, dogs are offered a bowl of drinking water and something to chew on. Some cafés have already proactively placed drinking water and drinking bowls on the terrace for puppies. The most well-known places that welcome visitors with pets are, for example, Pärnu Jahtklubi, Poisi Eine, Steffani pitsarestoran, Supelsaksad, Oliver’s Garden Cafe, as well as several others.

Walking with a dog

There are many parks and pleasant streets in Pärnu, so taking a walk with your dog is rather easy here and you don’t have to look for a separate place around the corner. Walking the dog is a good way to get to know the beautiful resort that Pärnu undoubtedly is. Of course, it is also expected here that the dog owner cleans up after his dog. For this purpose, there are trash cans in parks and in the city.

When walking in public areas, the dog must be on a leash. Without a leash, the dog can run around only in the fenced dog park and training area. In less populated areas, the dog can be let off the leash for a moment under the responsibility of the animal owner, but in the summertime, finding such place is not easy. Using a leash also gives peace of mind to the dog owner himself, because Pärnu can be quite noisy and crowded during the summer and there is no risk of the dog accidentally bothering strangers or running off. When planning to visit a crowded event or fair with your dog, you should use a muzzle in addition to the leash.

Swimming with a dog

When coming to Pärnu with a dog, you have to take into account that you cannot go to the central beach with a dog in the summer season. Pets are also not allowed to bathe in the fountains. So where to swim with a dog? There are four options for this in Pärnu – the left side of the Pärnu river next to the Mole of Pärnu, Mai beach, Vana-Pärnu beach and Raeküla beach. See here for a more detailed indication of where to bathe your dog in Pärnu.

Dog park

Last year, a proper fenced dog park was opened next to the Mai light traffic road. The Pärnu dog park consists of two separate areas, one for large dogs and the other for smaller dogs. Both areas have great hills and bushes, between which four-legged friends can happily run around waving their tails. Booms, steps, ramps, running obstacles and an agility tunnel have been installed in the dog park to add excitement. The most convenient way to get to the dog park is via Mai light traffic road. If you start walking from the end of the beach promenade, it is about a twenty-minute walk away.

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