in Pärnu

The official beach parking area

Parking fees are applicable in the official parking lots and the streets of Pärnu beach area only during summer months: June 1st – August 31st, every day 10am – 6 pm. 

Parking fees:

  • 1 hour = 4€
  • 1 calendar day = 12€
  • 30 minutes of parking is free if using a parking clock

Parking permits can be acquired from parking meters and R-Kiosks.

You will find several private parking lots in Pärnu, so be aware of the informational and traffic signs that regulate parking. Pay attention to traffic signs and information boards!

Larger private parking lots

The largest private parking lot is situated next to the Port Artur department store in the center of Pärnu.

The parking fees in the outdoor lots are:

  • 1 hour = 1€
  • 1 calendar day = 5€
  • 2h of parking is free if using a parking clock

There is also a parking garage where the parking fees are:

  • 1 hour = 1€
  • 1 calendar day = 5€

There are private parking lots that charge various prices in the beach area as well. Generally, the fees remain 5-10€ per day.

Free parking in Pärnu’s center

The closest free parking lot to the center of Pärnu is located by the river, at Kalda 4.

Parking is free up to 3h across the street from Endla Theater, at Keskväljak 1, if using a parking clock.

In the beach area, parking is free of charge on A.H. Tammsaare boulevard. 

If you do not have a parking clock you can note the start time on a piece of paper.

Kuninga street (Photo: Silver Gutmann)