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As a riverside and seaside town, Pärnu offers many ways to enjoy activities on water: boating in a real fishing boat, fun paddle boat rides, water skiing and banana boat rides. Sailing in the Bay of Pärnu provides a unique experience; the more adventurous ones can enjoy kayaking on the sea. You can rent surfing equipment and practice minigolf on the Pärnu beach or rent a bicycle for long rides around the city.

Small and grown-up visitors alike are welcome at an adventure park located in Pärnu County where you can climb trees and admire the view to the sea. You can go snowshoeing, canoeing, kicksledding or skiing with an experienced instructor. Why not to try birdwatching or disc golf? In the winter, dog sledding or sleigh riding with horses can provide a thrilling experience. Take the chance to go boating with a fisherman or rent a row boat and fishing rods. For golf lovers, there are excellent, wide-open golf courses just outside the city.


Kihnu Puukoi bike rental

Linaküla, Kihnu vald, PÄRNAMÕISA

Fatbike tour to the beach dunes in Pärnu

Pärnu, Ranna puiestee, 9

Hike in Tolkuse bog with Nurka Farm

Rannametsa küla, Häädemeeste vald, SURJU METSKOND 17 beaver safari and a canoe trip in Soomaa in the evening

Riisa küla, Tori vald, Riisa Rantso

Seikle Vabaks bog shoe hike in Lindi Bog

Kavaru küla, Pärnu, AUDRU METSKOND 253

Guided fishing trip on Pärnu Bay or River Pärnu

Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Uus-Sauga tänav 62

Hike to the mystical circle of trees in Viruna – Quard of rings

Kiraste küla, Tõstamaa vald Viruna

Fishing Village, a guided fishing trip

Pärnu, Uus-Sauga tänav 62

Virussaare bog hike along the ancient trails on bog shoes

Eense küla, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald

Seikle Vabaks takes you on an exploration trip to Soomaa National Park! We will hike on foot or using bogshoes, a canoe or a kayak!

Riisa küla, Tori vald mushrooming trips

Riisa küla, Tori vald

Health track on the left bank of the River Pärnu, or Jaanson’s Track

Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Vee tänav 2a

Health track on the right bank of the River Pärnu, or Jaanson’s Track

Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Suur-Jõekalda tänav 22/1

Pärnu coastal meadow hiking trail

Pärnu, Ranna puiestee, 9

Seikle Vabaks bog-shoe hike to Toonoja swamp island in the Soomaa National Park

Aesoo küla, Tori vald Poe bog shoe hike in Rääma bog

Pärnu, Turba tänav

Fishing Village offers a fishing trip on the Pärnu Bay with a boat and equipment rental

Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Uus-Sauga tänav 62

Hiking trail at Kõveri Holiday Centre

Kõveri küla, Saarde vald Seljaku

The largest bike rental of the island at the Kihnu harbour

Lemsi küla, Kihnu vald, SADAMAKÕRTSU

Cycle and pedestrian track on the Mai beach in Pärnu

Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Papiniidu tänav 37f
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