Fly directly to Pärnu

Pärnu Airport is being rebuilt by summer 2021 and serving both- regional and international flights.

  • The runway will be 2000 meters long and 30 meters wide with all the necessary safety areas.
  • The passenger terminal will be capable of handling 80 incoming and 80 outgoing passengers at the same time.
  • The airport is just 4 km from the city center, which means that transportation to most destinations takes very little time.

We are looking for partners who would be interested to fly to Pärnu from Finland, Sweden and Norway.

For further information please contact orvika.reilend@parnu.ee

Modern resort is waiting

Pärnu with its rich resort heritage has a lot to offer – all this will be just one-hour flight away.

  • architectural gems
  • natural sand beaches 
  • surfing clubs
  • enjoyable spas
  • awarded restaurants and authentic local food
  • wonderful parks and greenery 
  • vibrant cultural events and festivals 
  • theme and adventure parks for the whole family
  • stunning golf courses 
  • renowned racetrack 
  • coast full of islets 
  • pine dune forests 
  • sporting opportunities
  • versatile places for meetings
  • quality time in the bogs

Sounds like a perfect plan for a nice holiday or a long weekend, doesn´t it?

Hop on board – Pärnu is waiting!