Pärnu captivates you with its interesting sights, historical timber architecture and enthralling hustle and bustle. Walking down the avenues from the centre of the city to the sea, you will pass through the largest district of timber villas in Estonia. The city boasts the scenic moat Vallikäär and the historical Tallinn Gate. Pärnu Beach House, Mud Baths and Beach Hotel are valuable examples Estonian architectural heritage. The Endla Theatre, St. Elizabeth’s Church, Pärnu Concert Hall, and numerous museums and art galleries are the centres of cultural life.

Pärnu County is also home to the historically important Carl Robert Jakobson Farm Museum, where you can get acquainted with the works and customs of our ancestors. You can always find colourful cultural life on the Kihnu Island, where people still respect the old traditions. Visitors interested in culture can also visit the many churches and manors of Pärnu County and enjoy lovely concerts.