Pärnu Kuursaal ja kõlakoda

Pärnu Kuursaal and outdoor stage

Mere puiestee 22, Pärnu linn, Pärnu 80012
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Built in the 1880s, Kuursaal (Casino), a restaurant and musical salon, has always been an important centre of Pärnu's resort life. In summer evenings, most events have taken place outside, around the outdoor stage. The outdoor stage, designed by the city architect O. Siinmaa in 1936, was an elegant interpretation of Pärnu's "resort functionalism" in wood. As a result of the renovations carried out in 1980s, it unfortunately lost a lot of its former elegance. Today, you can enjoy music and dance nights to complement your dinner here, in the largest pub in Estonia; beach sounds on the terraces in the summer, and music as beautiful as ever at the outdoor stage.

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Wheelchair accessible
Site lighting
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In the coastal district of Pärnu, next to the Mud Baths. Best approached by Mere or Supeluse streets.

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Bus: Rannapark


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