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Pärnu: For sport and after sports

Done! You did it. You gave your best. You know that. A pat on the back confirms that your supporters know it. Well done! Now it is time to rest, or maybe even celebrate.

Take your time. Nice and easy. The stopwatch has stopped. The final whistle has been blown. The chequered flag has flown.

Now there is time. And everything else. Right here. You can get your skin wet without any effort in the water and sauna centres that are within walking distance. White linen on restaurant tables and flavours of the world steaming in the pans – the most convenient way to offer your family a culinary as well as a sporting experience. Lounges filled with a buzzing hum where you and your friends can discuss the finish protocol. Parks to walk and reflect in. A sandy beach with its summer sunrise-to-sunset rhythm. All this and more for you, your family and friends. In Pärnu.
Yes, Pärnu is a city where every sporting event becomes a holiday. And vice versa. If you wish. This is how the seemingly unconnected – sporting excitement and relaxing leisure – are combined and intertwined.

Aqua and sauna centres

Holiday = spa, spa = holiday. That’s just the way things are! Of course, some of the most beloved elements of vacationing in Pärnu are the spas. The first public bath opened here as early as in 1838. Just a few more years to go and we can celebrate two hundred years of tradition. You have the opportunity to contribute to the continuation of the spa tradition. Just come and enjoy.

The best culinary experience

Above all, the restaurants in Pärnu are known for their high quality and talented head chefs. The best restaurants in Pärnu are listed in the White Guide and therefore definitely worth a visit.

Pärnu beach

Pärnu beach is the heart of the summer capital. Just 15 minutes of leisurely walking or a 5-minute scooter ride and you arrive at the beach. Warm water. Sea breeze. The warmth of sun on your face. A quick bite for lunch from a beach café or hanging out with your friends in a cosy beach bar at night. Here you can find it all! The beach is also wonderful in the winter with its frozen empty space and ice piled on the shore. Come and enjoy!

Canoe trips in Pärnu County

Canoe trips offer memorable experiences and various challenges to all participants. When sharing a canoe, you must always consider the other person – hiking together will definitely lead to better cooperation and mutual understanding. More serious hikers have the opportunity to take part in multi-day canoe trips, where you spend the night in nature, go to a sauna, and eat.

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