Pärnu beach promenade

Pärnu beach promenade

Ranna puiestee, Pärnu linn, Pärnu 80012
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The attractive Pärnu beach promenade offers a real resort atmosphere and makes the beach of the summer capital attractive, even in unideal weather. The romantic promenade winding alongside the beach surprises visitors with its thoughtfulness and alternating materials. The lighting makes the beach lively even at sunset and the colours playing on the fountains in the evening darkness is a sight to see. There is a children's playground, attractions, mini-golf, and ice cream parlours along the promenade, as well as places to have a rest, drinks, and dining where you can enjoy music and good company until the late hours of the evening. The promenade ends at the surfing area, where the coastal meadow hiking trail with an observation platform begins. Public toilets and water taps are located at the beginning of the promenade (next to the playground) and at the end (next to the parking lot on Side tänav).

Features and amenities


Wheelchair accessible
Free parking
Site lighting
Paid parking
Hiking trails

Times and prices


24 hours

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