Team games in Pärnu

From meeting to basketball court

Pärnu is a conference city. And a conference, unless you are self-employed and can organise a working meeting on your own, means a social group. But a social game is needed within the social group.

There is a need to let off steam, to relieve tensions, to recharge the body, to rebuild the team spirit that may have been shattered in heated arguments and passionate debates. This is why.

You can find opportunities to do this in Pärnu. For every season and preference. For both large and small groups. Need an adrenaline rush after a long day of sitting? Paintball and adventure parks are waiting for you. If you are looking for balance and peace of mind, there is beach yoga and Soomaa hiking trails nearby. Want to head towards the sea? Paddles, surfboard, and canoes are there for you. Is the water covered in ice? No problem, you can use skis and ice skates.

In fact, there are so many team-building and invigorating activities on offer in Pärnu that it would require a conference on a daily basis to try them all.

The basics of rowing

The Pärnu Aerutamisklubi offers activities for both teams and individuals. One of the most popular sporting activities for groups is the rowing basics experience on the Pärnu River. The rowing experience package combines theory and practice. The instructors introduce the basics of kayaking and canoeing to the participants, followed by a friendly competition and a challenge on the water.
  • for groups of 10–14 people
  • duration 3 hours
  • basics of kayaking and/or canoeing
  • practice and friendly competition
E-post Uko or Tiina


Orienteering club OK West organises training activities on orienteering and introduces the sport. Groups can either participate in serious orienteering competitions or just fun adventures. The club has also thought of children and young people and organises sports days for students. In addition, the club draws orienteering maps and trails.

E-post Sander

Virtual event

The Pärnu Two Bridges Club’s Virtual Race package invites you to move at a time and place convenient for you. This is especially useful for groups that include several teams whose schedules may not be the same. This allows you to be more flexible in your efforts to consciously move more. The results are uploaded to a virtual environment, where an aggregate summary and ranking of results is created.
  • the number of participants is unlimited
  • it is also possible to complete the virtual race as a challenge – combine different types of activities (running, walking, skiing, cycling, etc.) and upload a countless number of workouts
  • download a diploma with your name and time
  • if desired, you can get medals with the team insignia to reward participants
E-post Pärnu Two Bridges Club

Company regattas on the Pärnu Bay organised by the Pärnu Yacht Club

Organise a regatta for your company, group of friends, or even family on the Pärnu Bay. Get your party sailing! The Pärnu Yacht Club offers two packages. In the first, participants can get involved under the guidance of the captain and experience how things are done on the water. The second package provides a professional team, allowing the participants to observe and enjoy sailing. In addition, you can have a photographer at your regatta, capturing the emotions of the participants. You can also receive an entertainment programme or organise a nice post-regatta get-together at the restaurant of the Pärnu Yacht Club complete with regatta memorabilia and surprises.
  • each yacht can host 4–7 people and a professional team
  • you can have as many yachts as you need
  • post-regatta programme and additional activities
E-post The Pärnu Yacht Club

Get moving in the park

Arrange a nice hike, morning run, or mini-competition for your team. The Pärnu Two Bridges Club marks down the chosen track and the start and finish and organises security, as is customary in proper sports events.
  • download a diploma with your name and time
  • if you want, time can be recorded and the start and finish records drawn up
  • if desired, you can get medals with the team insignia to reward participants
E-post Pärnu Two Bridges Club

Dragon boating on the Pärnu River

If your team or subdivision of your organisation includes a dozen members, you have a great opportunity to test your teamwork in dragon boating on the Pärnu River. The exciting rowing adventure offered by the Pärnu Aerutamisklubi helps to improve teamwork.
  • 10 paddlers, 1 drummer, 1 steerer
  • duration 2 hours
  • 100–200 m competition between teams
E-post Uko or Tiina

Park yoga

Do you have a training course or company summer day in Pärnu comping up this summer? Just looking to have a nice time with a group of friends? Wouldn’t it be great to start the day with invigorating yoga or end it with relaxing yoga? The Paljajalu yoga studio yoga classes can also be enjoyed by those with no experience – breathing, stretching, and relaxing exercises are suitable for everyone!
  • 5–20 participants
  • duration 60 minutes
  • yoga mats are provided
E-post Paljajalu yoga studio

Driving experience on the race track

Would you like to feel like a Formula 1 driver? Put yourself and your team to the test on probably the best racing track in the Nordic Countries – the Porsche Ring. There are many driving experiences to choose from, the most popular being the Porsche 911 or Toyota GT86. You can also come and drive your own car or motorcycle.
  • 3–60 participants
  • depending on the chosen package, each person can drive for an average of 10–15 minutes
E-post Gerli

Surf camp or paddle boarding

Pärnu is synonymous with summer, the beach and, of course, surfing! The Aloha Surf Club welcomes you from mid-May to mid-September. Everyone is welcome regardless of age and fitness level. After you have spent time on the water, Cafe Aloha invites you to enjoy some music, refreshing cocktails, and delicious snacks. See you at the beach!
  • 10–50 participants (paddle boarding), 10–100 participants (surf camp)
  • in addition, we provide nice music, refreshing cocktails, and snacks
E-post Eleri

Canoeing or snowshoeing trips takes you on an adventure, canoeing, snowshoeing on a bog, skiing in thick snow in the winter with all-mountain skis, into muddy terrain with ZIL 131 six-wheel-drive SUVs, rafting in spring, and fishing in summer. A pleasant half-day athletic activity is a canoe trip on the Audru River near Pärnu or a snowshoe hike in the Rääma bog. If you are interested in a longer hike, we can go to the Soomaa National Park.
  • 2–100 participants (canoe trip), 1–62 participants (snowshoe hike)
  • duration 2–3 hours
E-post Katriin

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