Health track on the left bank of the River Pärnu, or Jaanson’s Track

The winding track along the left bank of the River Pärnu forms a full circle with a track on the opposite bank. Both are 4 km long, but leave very different impressions.

On the right bank of the river, you are surrounded by lots of trees and greenery, whereas the left bank runs along the river and the historical houses of the town, being more like a beautiful city street. The track is unique due to the street lights shaped like oars, designed specifically for the River Pärnu. In addition, you find bicycle racks, garbage pins, benches and maps of the track with rest areas indicated.

Good to know! Here, you can get so close to the river that you can dip your toes into water when resting on a hot summer day.
Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Vee tänav 2a