Weather in Pärnu

The weather in Pärnu can change very rapidly, but we usually have higher temperatures than the rest of Estonia. This explains why Pärnu is Estonia’s summer capital. When the weather is good, the streets of Pärnu fills with thousands of visitors who travel here because of our nice beaches and our versatile cultural programs.

Summertime weather in Pärnu

June, July and August comprise the summer season for us and the height of summer is definitely July. During that time the weather in Pärnu is fairly warm with temperatures between 15–20 °C, even 22–27 °C during hotter summers. We have also experienced higher temperatures, for example, during the summer of 2018 the temperature exceeded 30 °C on more than 10 separate days.

Elephant on Pärnu beach

Fall weather in Pärnu

Fall officials runs from the second half of September until the winter solstice (December 21st or 22nd), although the season effectively ends in November. During this time, Pärnu gets windier, but you can still enjoy beautiful sunsets on the beach when the weather is relatively calm. Temperatures range between 1 °C to 11 °C. In addition, fall is the perfect time to soak in calm streets and colorful nature. Even though September, October and November comprise the fall, the first snowfall can already be expected in October.

Winter weather in Pärnu

While even about 10 years ago the winters were overwhelmingly frosty and cold, the past couple of years have been quite mild. Generally, the temperatures stay between 5 °C to -15 °C, but you should still pack warm clothes since the temperatures can drop below -15 °C. Snow can be expected in Pärnu, and the rest of Estonia, from December to March.

Spring weather in Pärnu

Spring starts in the second half of March, when birds start to migrate north, animals wake from hibernation and the first flowers begin to bloom. It is the perfect time to visit Pärnu, unless you’re planning to go swimming, since the weather gets warmer and days get longer. Temperatures stay between -1 °C to 11 °C.

Hiking trail in Pärnu in the fall

Interesting Pärnu  weather facts:

  • A storm in January 2005, which had an average wind speed of 25 m/s, was one of the biggest storms ever recorded in Pärnu.
  • The maximum speed of wind gusts measured in Pärnu County has been 33 m/s, the record in all of Estonia is 40 m/s.
  • The coldest temperature measured in Pärnu is -34.8 °C which was recorded in 1893.
  • The coldest temperature measured on nearby Kihnu Island is -32.4 °C which was recorded in 1978.
  • Pärnu’s hottest recorded temperature is 33.2°C, measured in 2003.
  • Pärnu owns the record for Estonia’s driest year – the yearly rainfall in 1941 was only 309 mm (the average across Estonia is 550-800 mm).
  • Estonia’s highest water level was recorded in Pärnu in 2005, when floodwaters crested at 294 cm above normal.
  • The thickest snow cover in Pärnu County has been recorded as 53 cm.

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