Tere, Pärnu suvi 2024!

This year, the summer season in Pärnu will kick off in water, on land and in the air!

The free  family festival is launching on 21 June 2024 at 4:00 PM in the green areas by the river next to the city centre bridge.

Hello, Pärnu summer” is a traditional celebration of the beginning of summer, and the symbolic title of the Summer Capital will also be ceremonially handed over to Pärnu.

Keep your eyes out for surprises!

The programme may be subject to change. The times shown in the festival schedule are approximate.

Pre-event. The arrival of the Summer Capital title: a dugout canoe trip from spring into the summer

This summer’s kick-off programme includes the journey of the Summer Capital title from Türi along the river to Pärnu, which received a lot of positive feedback and participation last year.

The title will begin its journey with a dugout canoe trip from the spring capital on June 18 at 10 a.m., and everyone who is interested will have the opportunity to cheer along or even travel along in the boat for a stage of the trip.

You can participate in three ways:

1. Take part in the dugout canoe trip.
2. Attend the evening seminars (free of charge).
3. At the stopping points of the dugout canoe, local residents are welcome to greet the canoers and, if possible, join them for a part of the trip.

The aim is to introduce the dugout canoe culture, which is on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list, and to promote it in the region.

Tuesday, 18 June
10:00 AM Start from Lake Türi
11:00 AM Türi Särevere pedestrian bridge
1:00 PM–2:00 PM Lunch break at Laupa
3:00 PM Jändja watermills
5:00 PM Rae
6:00 PM Samliku
7:00 PM Evening lecture at Samliku, Tarmo Mikussaar “About the Pärnu River and its biota”.

Wednesday, 19 June
9:00 AM Start at Samliku
10:00 AM Kurgja
12:00 noon Oriküla
2:00 PM–3:00 PM Lunch break on the Suurejõe River
5:00 PM Vihtra
6:00 PM Piesta-Kuusikaru
7:00 PM Evening lecture at Piesta Kuusikaru, Dmitri Sädus “About old waterways and watercraft” 

Thursday, 20 June
9:00 AM Start at Piesta
1:00 PM–2:00 PM Lunch break at Jõesuu
3:00 PM Levi
4:00 PM Tori
6:00 PM Urumarja
7:00 PM Evening lecture at Urumarja youth camp, on Stone Age settlements 

Friday, 21 June
10:00 AM Start at Urumarja
11:00 AM Pulli
12:00 noon Sindi
1:00 PM–2:00 PM Lunch break at Paikuse
3:00 PM Lodja
4:00 PM Raeküla
5:00 PM Konse
6:00 PM Finish in the city centre

More information and dugout canoe booking:
Aivar Ruukel
+372 506 1896

The dugout canoe trip from the spring into the summer is funded by the Green Riverland Partnership from the LEADER cooperation project “Heritage and traditions – the key to valuing regions”



"Hello, Pärnu Summer" festival schedule on 21 June

Several municipalities and culture managers will be present in festival area to introduce their summer events, products and services.

Workshops will be held and fun activities organised.

Good food and sweets will not be missing, either.

For children and those feeling young at heart, LOTTE VILLAGE has put together a programme and some activities!

Together with Lotte and her friends, you can try out various sports activities and enjoy cool experiences.

And it all begins with a high-spirited concert on the main stage of the festival! 

The shop “Siluett” on Rüütli Street in Pärnu has been one to promote Estonian design for years already, often organising exciting open-air fashion shows as well. 

At the heart of these fashion shows, as a tradition, is Pärnu’s own people, the women among us.

This year, the “Siluett” fashion show will also be held in the “Hello, Pärnu Summer” festival area and will be hotter than ever! Beautiful designer clothes are not just something for skinny models only!

The boat parade is an awesome community kick-off to welcome summer in the city and county of Pärnu!

The parade promotes everyone who is active on the Pärnu River on a daily basis, either for work or as a hobby, as well as for all those who love the Pärnu River and any water-related activities.

Cheer the boat crews on by the riverside! The parade begins at the mouth of the River Reiu at 6 PM and heads toward the city centre bridge. 

Pildil 2023. aastal suvepealinna tiitli üleandmine Tere, Pärnu suvi festivali pealaval

The history of Pärnu as a resort city dates back to the first half of the 19th century.  In the 1920s, Pärnu was Estonia’s premier resort when the first mixed beaches were opened, but also during the Soviet era when the coveted sanatorium vouchers were given to exemplary workers. 

On the afternoon of 5 June 1996, the  Old Town Days of the year were coming to a festive end on the Town Hall Square in Tallinn and culminated in the handing over of the Summer Capital title to Pärnu for the first time.  In 1997, Otepää became the Winter Capital for the first time; in 1999, Narva became the Autumn Capital, and in 2000, Türi became the Spring Capital. 

The capital sceptre is traditionally handed over to the mayor of Pärnu at the “Hello, Pärnu Summer” festival by the mayor of Tallinn. 


Pildil Gram of Fun. Foto: Marleen Muhuste

One of the main performers at the festival “Hello, Pärnu Summer” in 2024 is the Estonian alternative pop music band Gram-of-Fun!

Kristel Aaslaid (vocals)
Martin ‘Muudu’ Kuut (keyboards)
Kostya Tsõbulevski (bass)
Fredi (guitar)
Mattis Kirsipuu (percussion)
Dr. PhilGood (DJ/samples/FX)

Listen here!

Pildil Bedwetters

The main performer at “Hello Pärnu Summer” 2024 is our own pop-punk band that was active between 2004 and 2013 and has now been back again since 2022.

The original composition of the band included singer and bassist Joosep Järvesaar, guitarist Mihkel Mõttus and drummer Alo-Martin Mathiesen.

Bedwetters, who came together by chance in Pärnu nearly twenty years ago, released a new album last year after more than 14 years, and was announced as the winner of the rock album of the year at the EMA gala!

Listen here!


 Rüütli 21/1.


Tanel Padar has been one of the most popular and sought-after musicians in Estonia for dozens of years already. Throughout his musical journey, he has ploughed the fields of both blues and rock’n’roll and flirted with different styles. 

More information coming soon!

How to get there

For the second year now, the family festival “Hello, Pärnu Summer” is held in the green areas by the Pärnu city centre bridge, next to the Pärnu Concert Hall.

The health track on the left bank of the Pärnu River begins next to the festival area. 

Traffic speed on Lai Street by the festival area is limited to 30 km/h. 

The festival is held in the paid parking area of Pärnu. Paid parking applies in the area until 7 PM. 

The nearest major car parks are located across the bridge on the left bank (paid area) and right bank (free area) of the river; the Europark car parks can also be found nearby.  The nearest convenient parking option is the Port Artur parking house.

We recommend that those coming by car park their car in the suburbs instead and come to the festival using public transport. The nearest bus stop is the “Teater”. 

In Pärnu, anything good is just a short walk away! 

From Pärnu beach, it takes no more than a half-hour walk to get to the green area next to the city centre bridge. 

It is particularly nice to take the Jaanson’s Track to the festival. 

Pop your child into the bicycle seat and hop in the saddle!

Come to the festival by bicycle!

Bicycle trips in the heart of Pärnu never take longer than 15 minutes. 

You can also rent a bicycle!


For the second year in a row now, the festival “Hello, Pärnu Summer 2024” is organised by the entrepreneurs and organisations in Pärnu and Pärnu county.

In 2024, the organisers are Destination Pärnu MTÜ, Lottemaa Teemapark OÜ, MTÜ Maarja Magdaleena Gild, Pärnu Kalatakso and teams of the Green Riverland Partnership. In addition, many others from the city and the county are involved in the organisational activities.

Additional information and questions:
MTÜ Destination Pärnu

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