River promenade on the Jaanson’s track

River promenade on the Jaanson’s track

Vee tänav 2a, Pärnu linn, Pärnu 80011
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The health track on the bank of the river Pärnu is known as Jaanson's track. In addition to working out and enjoying nature, it is an ideal place to just stroll. You will also meet many good-natured people who come here to walk in warm weather. You can rest your feet on the riverside seats and watch birds swimming between water lilies. On the section of the track starting from the city centre, you can see various types of street art and have a meal in cafés. Here you can try your hand at fishing or enjoy a boat trip on the river. On the right bank, by the road, are the Rääma outdoor swimming pool and the Niidupargi protected area with rest spots.

Features and amenities


Wheelchair accessible
Free parking
Site lighting
Paid parking

Getting there

The Jaanson’s track is located on both banks of the river Pärnu between the city centre bridge and the Papiniidu bridge.


Sealed access road
On foot only

Times and prices


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