Discover Pärnu’s local handcrafted drinks

Did you know that many different handcrafted drinks are made in Pärnu County, and some producers are also expecting visitors to show how the crafting of drinks really works?

Photo: Allikukivi Winery

Handcrafted wines of Pärnu County

There are several wine manors in Pärnu County. One of them is Allikukivi Winery, which has established itself in the historic residence of the former director of Allikukivi wool factory. Products from the garden and the surrounding farmers are used to make wine. The selection includes flavors such as rhubarb and blackcurrant, but also strawberries, for example. The family has set themselves a goal of managing the manor in the same way as it was in ancient times, through agricultural production. In addition to wine, liqueurs are made from the same produce. There is an option to book manor tours that will be organized for those who wish. During the tour they will show the wine cellar and let you taste the drinks. You can also get acquainted with the colorful history of the area and the manor park.

Known as a wine and sparkling wine producer, Mamm & Frukt has set up their manufacturing in Valgeranna Winery where it is possible to do degustations, concerts and workshops. They say they respect traditions, but they also want to experiment. So you will find many exciting flavors in their production. The selection includes lingonberry sparkling wine, as well as red wine with blackcurrant and chokeberry.

Handmade wines are also made from domestic berries in the Pootsi wine manor. Excursions to the historic manor house and cherry orchard are organized there. During the tour, you can hear the restoration story of the manor house owned by the same family for the third generation. Degustations are held there, where they let you taste wines and lemonades made in Pootsi, along with local food.

Photo: Valgeranna Winery
Tori Siidritalu
Photo: Tori Cider Farm

Tranditional cider crafting

The production of cider has been honored in Pärnu County for several generations. A good example is the Tori Cider Farm, which produces cider and wine from organically grown apples and grapes, keeping in mind the traditions and wisdom of the ancestors. With Tori Cider Farm’s family you can look around in the garden to see how grapes are grown in Estonian climate. Of course, you can also taste the drinks crafted on the site. The farm has a separate Cider Salon, where it is possible to organize meetings and events.

Another well-known manufacturer of handcrafted drinks is Jaanihanso Cider House, where organic cider and other drinks are made from fresh Estonian apples and pears. All Jaanihanso ciders and sparkling wines are made in the traditional way. This means that no artificial bubbles have been added to the drinks, all of them are fermented directly in the bottle and mildly, which makes their taste natural and genuine. Tours and tastings are also organized at Jaanihanso’s historic cider factory.

Other handcrafted beverages

In addition to wine and cider, handicrafted beers, lemonades, juices and stronger drinks are also made in Pärnu County. Gin and horseradish vodka, for example, are produced in Suti Farm’s vodka kitchen. Wine, cider and beer are also made on the Mäeotsa farm in the village of Seliste. Inside the Pärnu city there is also Pernauer Brewery and Tap Room, a handcrafted beer manufacturer.

Piesta Kuusikaru farm near Vändra produces all the best that can be made from apples – apple juice, syrup, vinegar and apple stroop. The family of the farm is expecting visitors so they could introduce the garden with organic apple trees and talk about their more than 100-year history of the farm.

However, lovers of natural lemonade should look for lemonades produced by Ingel Drinks. This small producer produces naturally fermented lemonades without the addition of any sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They also have a selection of natural-flavored tonics that can be used in cocktails.

Piesta kuusikaru
Photo: Piesta Kuusikaru

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