Siidrituur Soomaa serval Tori Siidritalus

Cider tour in Tori Cider and Wine Farm at the edge of Soomaa

Jõesuu küla, Tori vald 86802
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During the tour, which has received the EHE quality mark, we will introduce the organic cultivation of fruit trees, the process of turning raw materials into cider and wine. Fruit and berry wine has been made at the Tori Cider Farm since the beginning of time. The people currently living there are inspired by the experiences of their ancestors and value the fruits and berries that grow from the local Soomaa soil, which has a peculiar composition. The old feral apple tree, which grows in the yard, is particularly special because we use its golden apples with an unusual taste to make the unique Tori Cider Farm cider. We will also visit a genuine Nordic vineyard.

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Minimum number of participants 10
Maximum number of participants 40


Duration (hours) 2


Free parking

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Bus: Jõesuu


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Open all year round

Adult 15.00€
Child 7.00€