Tour and wine tasting at Pootsi Winery

In the beautiful Pootsi Winery in Pärnu County, delicious homemade wines are made from domestic berries and cultural events are organised.
We offer a variety of wines for tasting. For younger guests, we offer the manor's own lemonades made from natural ingredients. Upon request, it is possible to order local food for the tasting with prior notice.
During the tour, we will introduce, in addition to wine-making, the manor house owned by our family for the third generation and its history. We will tell the story of the restoration of the manor and take a tour of the manor park, the cherry orchard, and the manor house.
Welcome to the Pootsi Winery!
+372 5627 5657
Pootsi küla, Pärnu, POOTSI-MÕISA