Recreational sports

From recreational sportsman to sports recreation lover in Pärnu

It is fun to be a chair sportsman. Whether in an armchair or beach chair. But what about trying to do it yourself? Sports! Anyone can become an amateur athlete in Pärnu.

It is an easy place to start your career as an amateur athlete. There is no need to register anywhere or make a reservation. The time is now. Right now! Simply get out of your chair, swap your flip-flops for tennis shoes and get moving.

In whichever direction. There are 70 kilometres of light traffic routes, which you can use at any speed and by any means of (light) transport. Outdoor gyms in the parks and on the beach shape the body. Extreme sports and ball courts. Disc golf course in a riverside park. Pleasant hiking and ski trails in the woods around the city. It is all yours. Go and try. And you discover that it is more fun than being an armchair athlete.

Pärnu skating rink

Where can I skate in Pärnu? In addition to several smaller skating rinks in Pärnu, locals and visitors alike can enjoy the ice rink in the heart of Pärnu, which does not depend on sub-zero temperatures. The new artificial ice welcomes skaters every day and you can also rent skates if needed.
  • Did you know that thanks to outdoor lighting, you can skate or play hockey at the Pärnu Skating Rink even during the darkest time of the year?

Ski trails

Although you can now skate on water and jump through the air, cross-country skiing is still popular. Bring your own skis or rent them! Everything is possible.

Winter swimming

You can swim in Pärnu regardless of the weather. Whether it snows or shines, be it summer or winter. If you are interested in invigorating yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle, winter swimming is just what you need!
  • The season of the Pärnu HUUM Winter Swimming Centre located at the Pärnu Yacht Harbour lasts from November to 31 March.
  • The Pärnu Talisuplus Facebook group also invites you to take a dip by the Papiniidu bridge.

Hiking trails

Pärnu’s hiking trails are located in beautiful places surrounded by the stunning natural environment. A hike in nature will help you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy gorgeous views of the natural world. All you need for an active holiday is to drive out of the city a little and visit a hiking trail. The hiking trails have different lengths and features. You can go camping, bird watching, snowshoeing, canoeing, and many other activities in the natural environment around Pärnu.

Outdoor sports grounds

There are many sports grounds in Pärnu where you can work out in fresh air. You can do it regardless of whether it rains or snows, the sun shines or fog rises from the river. In addition to the outdoor gym in Pilli Park, which you can see in the picture, you will find several other sports grounds all over Pärnu, where you can work out whenever you like.
  • Outdoor gyms are located behind the Tervise Spa in Rannapark (at the end of Muuli Street), on Pärnu beach, in Pilli Park, in Rääma Park, by Pärnu Mai School, by the trails in Reiu-Raeküla, and in Paikuse.
  • The Pärnu pump track is located next to the city centre bridge and is intended for those interested in biking or bike tricks, as well as for roller skaters and skateboarders.
  • The largest sports ground is the Pärnu Beach Stadium.
  • In Pärnu you will find a wide range of disc golf parks, ball courts, tennis courts, and outdoor swimming pools.

Surfing in Pärnu

Thanks to Estonia’s long coastline and numerous islands, surfing is possible in several places and many competitions are also held here. With its shallow and sandy seabed and warm water, Pärnu is the ideal place for beginner surfers to acquire new skills and at the same time, Pärnu is also very popular among experienced kite surfers. In addition, Pärnu beach has a host of cosy beach cafés and you can chill in beach bars at night. But winter is for ice surfing! Did you know that Pärnu is a surfers’ paradise?

Disc golf

Where can one find a disc golf course in a picturesque location? In Pärnu County, of course! Spend time in the pine forest in Valgeranna, by the Pärnu River, a manor park, or the Kihnu Island. There are more than 20 disc golf courses in Pärnu County with different numbers of baskets.

Golf in Pärnu

Pärnu is a great place for an active holiday or for taking an invigorating break from a conference. There are two great golf courses just 15 minutes away from the city – White Beach Golf located in Valgeranna, surrounded by golden beaches, and Pärnu Bay Golf Links, which was included among the TOP 100 golf courses in the world and is on the other side of the bay. Both golf courses have a restaurant where you can eat and rest after your game. Did you know which hotels offer golf packages to Pärnu?

Tennis in Pärnu

You can play tennis regardless of your age. And besides, age is just a number. By the way, did you know that different versions of tennis were already being played by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians? In Pärnu, you can find both indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Did you know that there is also a contactless tennis court in Pärnu?

Shared-use paths and health trails in Pärnu

Pärnu is perfect for getting around without a vehicle – it has great options for cycling and roller skating, walking, and exercising. The city has plenty of places that rent bikes from spring to autumn, allowing you to rent a bike for a couple of hours, days, or a longer period. In warm weather, it is easy to get around with rental scooters.

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