Hedon Spa & Hotel seminar rooms

Hedon Spa & Hotel is situated right on Pärnu beach in the historic mud bath building. The mud bath is one of the symbols of Pärnu as a resort and therefore a worthy sight on its own. The mud bath building houses a spa. The hotel and seminar rooms are situated in the new part of the compound. In addition, two different restaurants operate in the building. Altogether, the hotel has 75 rooms.

The building has 6 halls in total:
  1. Supeluse room – 68 m²
    • Theatre style – up to 70 people
    • Classroom style – up to 22 people
    • U-shaped style – up to 24 people

  2. Suvituse room – 76 m²
    • Theatre style – up to 20 people
    • Boardroom style – up to 18 people

  3. Hedon Spa suite  (four separate ones) – 30 m²
    • Boardroom style – up to 8 people