"Treasures of the Seaside"

Pernova Loodusmaja, A. H. Tammsaare pst 57, Pärnu, 80016 Pärnu maakond, Eesti
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14.06.24 - 31.08.24

10:00 - 18:00

Summer exhibition "Treasures of the seaside" in Pernova Nature House,

All over the world, the waves carry the colorful chambers of sea snails to the beach. These houses fell to the mercy of the waves after the death of the animals and became "treasures" on the seashore. Due to the great diversity of species and forms, the empty chambers of snails and shells are the desired object of many collectors. Due to their beautiful appearance, they are often brought as souvenirs even from distant trips.


The exhibition "Treasures of the Seaside" is intended for all interested people, regardless of age. The opportunity to get to know the diverse and beautiful collection of mollusks gives an overview of one of the largest and most interesting groups of animals in the animal kingdom in the world. More than 100 species are exhibited. Among these brightly colored and iridescent mother-of-pearl molluscs are the homes of rare and especially endangered species.


The author and curator of the exhibition is Milvi Talts, a teacher at Pernova Nature House.