Pärnu Linnagalerii Kunstnike Maja, Nikolai 27, Pärnu, 80014 Pärnu maakond, Eesti
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19.06.24 - 13.07.24

17:00 - 18:00

Artist Kadi Estland was born in Pärnu, so she has her own relationship with the city, which she both mocks and reveres. The exhibition is full of strange symbols, figures, personalities, events and rumours, which become a dystopian psychedelic installation when passed through the sieve of the artist's vision.


The sculpture "The Poet" depicts a duck with red sunglasses strutting around the dark city with a gun and reciting poetry. In the painting "Murder of Art", the mother rat and the children have been killed with a dark red brush, a cat's gold chain hangs on the floor, and somewhere in distant memories, a seascape with black and white people walking into the sunset is visible from under the plaster. On the wall, the "Burnt House" tells people in the national customs, the angels, the leader with the image of a tyrant, Michelangelo's David, frozen into a ball of ice, to lock his door properly. A monument, a fountain for unborn fish, is placed in the middle of the room. And last but not least, "Clowns go to a meeting of clowns" properly every day.


The works for the exhibition are made from everyday objects, decorations, and trash thrown away from homes. The artist's method is so-called "anything goes" to create paintings, sculptures, and collages that talk about politics and beliefs that frame life.


Kadi Estland (born 1973) is an artist, poet, and embroiderer who also contributes comics and memes to the feminist magazines Feministeerium.ee and Kolkaplika. She lives and works in London and Tallinn. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1997 and participated in various exhibitions at home and abroad. The last exhibitions were held in Hobusepea Gallery (2022), Kumu Art Museum (2020), and Tartu Art Museum (2019).


The exhibition will remain open until July 13, 2024.


The artist thanks all those people without whom this exhibition would not exist: Reet Soosalu, Sirje Rump, Rainer Kattel, Rebeka Põldsam, Aet Kuusik, Artur Raidmets, Tatjana Raidmets, Liina Pääsuke, Karin and Taivo Täht, Paikre Jäätmekäitlus team, Sirje Savvest, Pärnu City Gallery team

The exhibition was supported by the Estonian Cultural Foundation

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kadiestland_poetryembroidery/
Poetry: https://www.curriculumvitt.ee

Contact: kadiestland@gmail.com