Pärnu beaches

Pärnu is famous for its beautiful beaches, with the county being home to dozens of them. Thanks to the shallow and quick-to-warm waters of Pärnu Bay, the coastline in Pärnu is one of the best coastal areas in Estonia.

In addition, Estonia’s biggest river passes through Pärnu, with several beaches found along its banks. In summer, many locals looking for cooler water can be seen there. In total, the coastline of Pärnu, together with the various islands and islets, extends to nearly 635 kilometres.

In Estonia, the Health Board exercises control over public bathing waters, measuring the quality of the water found there. The best-known officially inspected bathing waters and beaches are:

  • Pärnu Beach
  • Valgerand,
  • Kabli Beach
  • Reiu Beach

Pärnu City Beach

The beach at Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia, has been popular for over a century. Pärnu’s unique bathing area, parks, avenues, and elegant bathing architecture first began to characterise the resort at the end of the nineteenth century. In addition to the gorgeous sandy beach, you will find activities for the entire family at Pärnu Beach.

During the summer season, it is possible to rent reclining beach chairs, while lifeguards keep a watchful eye on bathers. There are several different surf clubs operating on the beach, offering a variety of interesting activities. During the summer, a blue flag, an internationally recognised eco-label, is raised every day at Pärnu Beach. This indicates that the bathing area or small-craft harbour are being managed in an environmentally friendly manner while also being clean and safe.

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Valgeranna Beach

Only a dozen or so kilometres from the City of Pärnu, you will find the picturesque and sandy Valgeranna Beach, which is quieter and more private than Pärnu Beach. You can also enjoy other fun activities at Valgeranna Beach, as there is a small lighthouse, children’s playground, an adventure park, a disc golf course, and a picnic area with campfire site in a patch of forest.

Kabli beach (Photo: Vaiko Eplik)

Kabli Beach

The secluded Kabli Beach lies in the southern part of Pärnu, on the shores of the Gulf of Riga. Located nearby are picnic areas, playgrounds, a summer café, a nature and study trail, and various accommodation sites.

Also located a few kilometres to the south are the beachfront campfire and camping sites of Lemme and Krapi. In addition, there are a large number of summerhouses in the Kabli pine forest, where people love to come and rest during the summer.

Reiu Beach

Located outside of the City of Pärnu, Reiu Beach is a natural, warm, and shallow-water beach. There is a covered area near the beach for holding picnics. Nearby is Lotte Village, the largest family theme park in the Baltics.

Other officially inspected bathing waters and beaches in Pärnu:

  • Pärnu Mai Beach
  • Pärnu Saare Street extension swimming place (Pärnu River)
  • Rääma outdoor pool (Pärnu River)
  • Raeküla Beach
  • Vana-Pärnu Beach
Matsi beach (Photo: Priidu Saart)

Matsi Beach

Matsi Beach, with its unofficial bathing waters, is located in the western part of Pärnu. The beach is surrounded by sand dunes and a beautiful coastal pine forest. As Matsi Beach is located in a very secluded area, you can enjoy real privacy and peace there. The Matsiranna camping area, a camping and campfire site, is also located near the beach.

Other unofficial bathing waters where you can go into the water:

  • Tahkuranna Beach
  • Kastna Beach
  • Sutiranna Beach
  • Rock City sandy beach on Kihnu Island

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