Workshop for the traditional Russian talisman doll "Õnnenukuke" in a Russian farm

Workshop for the traditional Russian talisman doll "Õnnenukuke" in a Russian farm

Soomra küla, Pärnu 88324
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Prepare your own little helper to protect your destiny! "Õnnenukuke" (happiness doll) is a talisman and aid for women, which the woman must carry with them at all times. The doll must be protected from the eyes of strangers so it would not lose its power. The workshop, which has been recognised with the Ehtne ja Huvitav (Genuine and Interesting) Estonian quality mark, provides an overview of the tradition and world of these Russian dolls and how they relate to everyday life. The instructor explains the meaning and importance of the details of the dolls. They will also help the participants give power to the completed dolls. The workshops are easy. It is also possible to hold the workshop at your home!

Features and amenities

Minimum number of participants 10
Maximum number of participants 20



Duration (hours) 1


Free parking

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Getting there

When coming from Pärnu, turn towards Kihelpa from Tõstamaa highway. In about 5 km after Kihelpa, turn to Soomra Vana Road and drive straight for about 900 m, until you see a small log cottage, where you can leave your vehicle.


By excursion bus
By car

Times and prices


Adult 7.00€
Pensioner 7.00€
University student 7.00€

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