North-western corner of Virussaare

Virussaare bog hike along the ancient trails on bog shoes

Eense küla, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald 87208
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Following ancient trails, Virussaare bog hike takes us to the most mysterious places in Estonia. There is hardly another swamp island in Estonia as rich in legends as Virussaare. It is covered in a deep wail of mystery. The keywords of the hike are the picturesque Kõima bog, Virussaare groves and the site of an ancient Estonian fortification. We will sing old runic songs accompanied by a zither and merge with the history of this place through old songs, rhythms and sounds. The price includes an invigorating cup of tea, rental of bog shoes, and the services of two tour guides with runic songs and zither. The price is for one person, if the group consists of 8–12 people.

Features and amenities

Maximum number of participants 12



Duration (hours) 8
Length/Distance 9.0

Additional services


Getting there

From Tallinn-Pärnu highway, drive to Pärnu-Jaagupi, and turn towards Koonga from the church. Drive along that road, and after about 7 km, you will reach Vahenurme village. We will meet by the bus stop in that village.

Nearby stops

Bus: Vahenurme


By car

Times and prices

01.05 - 30.10

Adult 43.00€

01.12 - 01.03

Adult 43.00€