Viruna Farm – canoeing on bog lakes

We set out in the morning, heading to the giant waterbed that is the High Bog on foot. The hundreds of lakes here, with their spring water and peat moss, form an area of almost 100 km². We take to the water in our canoes, passing through forests and by the local 'spa' before investigating an underground river. It's an amazing feeling to explore a place that no one has set foot in for hundreds of years! After our trip the lady of the farm at Viruna treats us to a special dinner, after which we enjoy the sauna on the banks of the river. We spend the night at Viruna. Our second day begins with a hearty breakfast. If you wish to we can find out more about the history of Stahl-Holstein, who was born here but who worked and died in China, having been a teacher to the Chinese emperor!
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Kiraste küla, Pärnu, VIRUNA