Valgeranna vaatlustorn

Valgeranna observation tower

Valgeranna küla, Pärnu 88326
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Valgeranna is historically known for its beautiful white sandy beaches. The local nature and possibilities for having an active vacation attract many holidaymakers and athletes. A beautiful promenade takes you from the car park straight to the sea, where you will find a 9 m observation tower with three platforms; the top platform is a great place to observe swimmers and adventure park visitors as well as the surrounding nature.

Features and amenities


Recreation area/picnic ground
Drop Toilet
Hiking trails
Wheelchair accessible
Viewing platform

Getting there

Turn towards Valgeranna from Pärnu-Lihula highway. Drive for 2.5 km, until you see a parking lot to your left. Walk 300 m through the forest until you see the observation tower.


Sealed access road
By excursion bus
By car

Times and prices


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