Uue-Jaani talu puhkemaja

Uue-Jaani Farm Holiday House

Ikla küla, Häädemeeste vald 86005
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Uue-Jaani Farm Holiday House is located in a beautiful place by the Latvian border and is well suited for holidays or anniversaries. The holiday house has an outdoor kitchen and a sauna. It features a fully equipped kitchen, TV, stereo, and Internet. The complex has a beautiful small lake where you can also swim.

Features and amenities

Features and amenities

Meals available if booked in advance


Free parking
Outdoor terrace
Washing machine
Activities for children
Seminar room
Recreation room
TV in recreation room
Sauna complex
Recreation area/picnic ground
Motor home/caravan parking
Camping area


Barbecue area
Kids' playground
Swimming area
Landscaped area


Internet (WiFi)
Bed linen


Beds 9
Number of beds in winter 9
Number of houses/buildings total 1
Beds in house/home/building 9
Rooms total 3
Number of beds in the low season 9
Number of beds in the high season 9

Getting there

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Bus: Ikla piiripunkt


By excursion bus
By public transport
By car

Times and prices


Single room 75.00€
Double/Twin room 150.00€
Bed in room/price per person 75.00€
Accommodation price 1 night 75.00€
Accommodation price 1 week 350.00€
Price of whole house/building 75.00€
Suite 200.00€
Tent price 20.00€
Motor home/caravan parking price 25.00€