Tõstamaa Meierei Hotel

Located in the historical dairy building in the heart of beautiful Tõstamaa in Pärnu County, this private hotel has 10 comfortable rooms. All rooms have a king-size bed, a bathroom, and a sofa bed that can accommodate two extra guests. In total, we can accommodate up to 40 people.
Guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen and dining room, Wi-Fi, and a heated pool. It is also possible to go to a sauna and get a massage.
Fishing and sea trips are organised. In addition, you can start a forest hike from the courtyard. Nearby are the beaches, Lake Ermistu, and Munalaiu Harbour, from where you can go to explore Kihnu Island.

+372 5887 0556
Tõstamaa alevik, Pärnu, Kalli maantee 9