Tori Museum

Tori Museum in Pärnu County was founded as the first parish museum in Estonia by August Pulst in 1934. The first item exhibited was a beer stein, which is now depicted on the museum's logo. 
Tori Museum shares its building with the local community centre. A permanent exhibition is displayed on the walls of the lobby, introducing the history of Tori. Museum items are in the granary of the manor next to the Tori horse farm. You can look around the granary on your own for free!

Book a tour introducing the manor complex, church, cave, graveyard and granary for 10 euros per group of up to 10 people; for more than 10 people, the price is 1 €/person.
+372 446 6997, +372 5301 9440
Tori alevik, Tori vald, Pärnu maantee 12