Surfsport SUP adventure tours on the Pärnu River

SUP adventure tours on the Pärnu River starting from the public swimming area next to the Pärnu Rowing Club with the possibility to go both upstream (Papiniidu Bridge, Reiu River) and downstream (Pärnu Yacht Club, Vallikääru water area, Sauga River, or between the moles to Pärnu Bay).The price includes rental of the equipment (board, oar, leash), a theoretical short training on the equipment and safety on the ground, and the service of a tour guide. Pre-registration for the tour is required.
Surfsport is mobile and can come to anywhere in Estonia.
The best experience in the summer months in calm weather!
+372 515 4268
Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Rääma tänav 27