Sorgu lighthouse

Sorgu Lighthouse

Manija küla, Pärnu 88112
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Sorgu is a rocky 5-hectare island, where many waterfowl, especially cormorants, like to enjoy the solitude of the island's nature reserve. On the uninhabited island, there is a natural alpine garden with rose hip and dewberry shrubs. Sorgu island can be visited alone but it's safer to go through the rocky waters with a guide. The walk across the island takes 1-2 hours. There is a beaching area and a lighthouse on the north end of the island. The architecturally interesting lighthouse is made of red bricks and resembles a stubby hexagonal water tower from the Russian Empire. The lighthouse keeper's dwelling and the auxiliary buildings, built from Sorgu island's stones in the beginning of the 20. century, have been preserved.

Getting there

To protect migrating birds, it's forbidden to visit Sorgu island from 1.04 to 15.07! The closest harbour to Sorgu island is the Lao Harbour.

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