Sõmeri Peninsula and lighthouse

Sõmeri Peninsula

Matsi küla, Lääneranna vald 88219
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When hiking in the Sõmeri special conservation area in the villages of Matsi and Saulepi, you will find the characteristic and beautiful coastal landscape of Pärnu County. The peninsula has charming junipers, coastal meadows, alvars, and former bays that are now separated from the sea. Here, you will see Orchidaceae, waders, ringed plovers, Eurasian oystercatchers, and Northern lapwings. There is a birdwatching tower where you can watch the birds in the coastal meadows. There is also a lighthouse on the peninsula, surrounded by scenic sea views.Nearby is the beautiful Matsi beach with a camping site, where you can see wonderful sunsets in summer.

Features and amenities


Information boards
Viewing platform
Recreation area/picnic ground

Getting there

Follow the sign for ‘Saulepi vaatetorn’ from Tõstamaa–Nurmsi highway. Once you reach the observation platform, the corresponding sign can also be seen on Matsi–Saulepi road.


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