Sindi health trail

Sindi health trail and disc golf park

Pärnu maantee 12d, Sindi linn, Tori vald 86705
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In Sindi, health and ski trails with a calm atmosphere await visitors of all ages to practice sports. It's possible to go for health walking, running, skiing and playing disc golf. Sindi health trail runs through the lovely small town's Sõpruse park with an enjoyable view to the river. The trails are 1,8 km, 2,5 km and 3 km long. The 1,8 km or evening trail is illuminated. A varied 18 hole disc golf course has been placed on the trail. The wintery ski trail officially begins by Sindi City Government. but a passage has been created through Kiriku park to Sindi Museum where it's already possible to start skiing.

Features and amenities


Length/Distance 3.0


Free parking
Suitable for children
Site lighting

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Bus: Linnavalitsus


Sealed access road
By public transport
By car

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