Sepa Farm Homestay bicycle rent in Kihnu

The most convenient method of transport on the island of Kihnu is bicycle as our roads are narrow. Sepa Farm Homestay offers comfortable bicycles all year round to make your trip even more enjoyable. Bicycles will take you to your destination faster than on foot.In order to introduce the island, a 23-km Kihnu Travel Wheel (Reesuratas) has been created, which can be travelled by bicycle rather carefree, enjoying nature and time with friends or family. The Kihnu Travel Wheel route can be taken on in the distance most suitable for you.
Upon request, we will take the bicycles to the harbour and when you leave, we will take them from there. You can also rent the bicycles directly from Sepa Farm.
+372 5684 3253
Rootsiküla, Kihnu vald, SEPA