Suvine kanuumatk Soomaa Rahvuspargi jõgedel

Come and explore Soomaa National Park! One day hiking tour with bogshoes and a canoe!

Riisa küla, Tori vald 86815
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Estonia's largest bogs and most beautiful hiking trails are located in Soomaa National Park! Come and discover the most beautiful places in Soomaa National Park! Accompanied by a local tour guide, you will get a genuine and complete Soomaa experience - we will hike with bogshoes and a canoe (or kayak), enjoy a light meal in the middle of nature, and tell stories about local life and nature. In the summer we will swim in the bog lake to refresh ourselves, in the spring and autumn we will make a campfire and enjoy a warm drink! "There's no WiFi in Soomaa, but we'll promise you'll find a better connection with nature!"» If necessary, we offer transfer from Pärnu! » The price of the hike is valid for a group of at least 6 people, if you have a smaller group, the price is determined by a prior agreement!

Features and amenities

Maximum number of participants 20


National Park



Duration (hours) 4


Viewing platform
Recreation area/picnic ground
Drop Toilet
Free parking

Additional services

Special equipment for adults
Transportation to the destination at extra cost

Getting there


By car

Times and prices

01.04 - 01.11

Adult 75.00€

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