Seikle Vabaks "kiiking" will swing you to the sky

Seikle Vabaks "kiiking" will swing you to the sky

Pärnu linn, Pärnu
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If you think that kiiking is a piece of cake, then think again! You'll need plenty of stamina and a bit of physical strength, because the longer the arms of the swing, the harder it is to swing! Kiiking will give you the opportunity to reach  the border between sky and earth, to face your fears and finally overcome them! Kiiking is the perfect activity for company holidays and other big events, because this guarantees 99% happy mood and good company. It's also interesting to watch others exerting themselves and to cheer them on! NB! The price includes renting the swing for 4 hours. Transportation fees are not included. 

Features and amenities


Maximum number of participants 50


Duration (hours) 4

Additional services

Safety equipment
Transportation to the destination at extra cost
Special equipment for children

Getting there


By car

Times and prices

01.05 - 01.10

Group price 400.00€

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