Seikle Vabaks (Freedom of Adventure) – sailing to Sorgu Island

Sorgu is small (5 ha) uninhabited island in Pärnu Bay, near Kihnu and Manija. There is no harbour on the island and ferries do not regularly go there, which is why sailing to Sorgu Island is an unforgettable adventure!
A lighthouse keeper with their family used to live there, but now, various seabirds (especially cormorants) have taken over the island. There is a lighthouse and much more to discover!
It is prohibited to move on the island from 1 April to 15 July for the protection of migratory birds.
Sailing to Sorgu and back takes about eight hours and the boat can hold ten people.
A one-day trip costs 550 euros and a two-day trip costs 775 euros.
+372 5650 0550
Manija küla, Pärnu, SORGU TULEPAAK