Seikle Vabaks dewberry picking trip on Sorgu island

Sorgu is a small uninhabited island in Pärnu Bay, near Kihnu and Manija islands. The most valued aspects of the island are its untouched nature and the abundance of seabird species, including cormorants.

If you love berry-picking, then August-October is the ideal time to come on the trip because that's when the dewberries are ripe! A lot of berries grow on Sorgu island because ferries don't regularly come here, and therefore there are only a few berry pickers. We will take you and your group to the island by a kayak, a motorboat or a sailboat, where we will fill our buckets with berries, have a fresh jam sandwich, and take a look at the island with a tour guide!
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Manija küla, Pärnu, SORGU SAAR