Seikle Vabaks bog-shoe hike to Toonoja swamp island in the Soomaa National Park

Toonoja swamp island, located in Kuresoo bog, is the largest bog island in Soomaa National Park.

There are a total of three locations which share the name Toonoja. The first location - a little bog village surrounded by a mire, was allegedly inhabited as early as the Stone Age; though today its only remaining building is a sauna.

The second location is the Toonoja bog island - entitled the loneliest place in Estonia, and the third Toonoja is the stream that gives its name to the first two.

This hiking excursion, lasting approximately 5–6 hours, includes the services of a guide, bog shoes and a rich outdoor meal which will undoubtedly, give any hiker an unforgettable experience. Those who desire to do so, may additionally reserve accommodation, sauna time and a dinner.
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