Seikle Vabaks birdwatching on the north coast of Pärnu Bay

Seikle Vabaks birdwatching on the north coast of Pärnu Bay

Kavaru küla, Pärnu 88107
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The northern coast of Pärnu Bay is very diverse, as it has birds from bogs as well as the coast: white-tailed eagles, black storks, the lesser spotted eagles, cranes, plague-necked Grebes, grouses, etc. Here, you can visit the Lindi Nature Reserve, the Kastna junipers, and the Kavaru coastal meadows with birdwatching towers. The trip includes: * A guide * A light meal * Binoculars * Bird identifiers We welcome all adventurous people, nature enthusiasts, or amateur birdwatchers regardless of their age! Ask us to also organise accommodation, a sauna, and a meal in Maria Farm or a trip in the bog! The price is valid for groups consisting of at least six people. If there are less than six people, the price is negotiable.

Features and amenities

Minimum number of participants 2
Maximum number of participants 15


Duration (hours) 4
Length/Distance 7.0


Viewing platform
Recreation area/picnic ground


Additional services

Transportation to the destination at extra cost

Getting there

The birdwatchers will gather in the parking lot of Lindi Nature Reserve, which is located next to the Pärnu-Tõstamaa highway.


Sealed access road
By excursion bus
By car

Times and prices


Adult 50.00€

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