Saare Automatic Hostel

At Saare Hostel, you can stay the night in rooms ranging from single to quintuple.
In the hallway, you find common toilets and showers for men and women; the hostel has a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare hot meals.
In addition, we can offer a quadruple family room with all amenities (Saare Special) that has a double bed and two single beds, as well as a private toilet and shower. A free car park is available for the guests in front of the hostel. At the automatic hostel, check-in is quick and easy.

A 5-minute walk away is a swimming spot by the River Pärnu; nearby, you find Raeküla beach with its lovely coastal meadow and pine forest.
+372 5647 5050
Pärnu linn, Pärnu, Riia maantee 233a/2