River Lemmjõgi Nature Study Trail

River Lemmjõgi Nature Study Trail

Sandra küla, Põhja-Sakala vald 71309
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The Lemmjõgi forest is an old floodplain forest. These types of forests are rare in Estonia and have disappeared from Europe. The trail begins at the Kildu-Tõramaa road near the Kuusekäära Farm, goes along the floodplain meadow by River Raudna, then continues on the shore through the floodplain forest to the place Rivers Raudna and Lemmjõgi meet and fascinating oaks grow. The trail heads back along the shore of River Lemmjõgi.  

Features and amenities

National Park



Length/Distance 5.8


Camping area
Drop Toilet
Information boards
Recreation area/picnic ground
Free parking

Getting there


By excursion bus
By car

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