Riida Tourist Farm

Riida Tourist Farm, located on the beautiful island of Manilaid, welcomes you to visit at every season to spend your holidays, celebrate some events, watch the birds or do science or art related work.
Accommodation is provided in lovely little rooms and in hayloft and for those camping in tents there is plenty of room in beach meadows. You can hold your events in an open kursaal or in a smaller thatched roof corner. Lunches and dinners can be ordered taking account of your personal wishes. We recommend that you definitely taste the high-quality mutton originating from the farm itself.
Hot sauna and cool sea or a ride by traditional fishing boat at sea will wake up your body and mind. Besides the host family there are plenty of other inhabitants: Scottish Highland cows, sheep, rabbits, musk ducks and geese.

+372 447 4480, +372 505 5340
Manija küla, Pärnu, Riida