Rent Kihnu sauna at Sepa farm

Rent Kihnu sauna at Sepa farm

Rootsiküla, Kihnu vald 88004
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Have you already been in a Kihnu sauna? Kihnu sauna is no ordinary sauna. Back in the old days, a sauna was blessed by a priest; today you can do it with a sauna whisk. Our home stay offers the opportunity to try that. Each sauna is a special and relaxing experience; so is ours. When renting the Sepa farm's sauna, you do not have to think of how to heat up the sauna; we will do everything to ensure that your holiday would be 100% pure enjoyment. The sauna is heated by Meelis, the owner of the farm. Additionally, we will prepare a birch whisk or juniper whisk for you to use for sauna rituals. To accompany the sauna, we recommend smoked fisk, Kihnu bread and home-brewed beer.

Features and amenities

Features and amenities

Meals available if booked in advance


Minimum number of participants 1
Maximum number of participants 6


Duration (hours) 2


Free parking
Outdoor terrace
Suitable for children


Sauna complex



Getting there

We are located near the Kihnu Jõnn memorial stone, 3.7 km from the harbour. There is a path between the smithy and small yellow camping houses, there you will also find the entrance.



Times and prices


Advance bookings only

Group price 40.00€

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