Rent Kihnu sauna at Sepa farm

Have you already been in a Kihnu sauna? Kihnu sauna is no ordinary sauna. Back in the old days, a sauna was blessed by a priest, today you can do it with a sauna whisk. Our home stay offers the opportunity to try that. Each sauna is a special and relaxing experience, so is ours.

When renting the Sepa farm's sauna, you do not have to think of how to heat up the sauna, we will do everything to ensure that your holiday would be 100% pure enjoyment. The sauna is heated by Meelis the owner of the farm. Additionally, we will prepare a birch whisk or juniper whisk for you to use for sauna rituals. To accompany the sauna, we recommend smoked fisk, Kihnu bread and home-brewed beer.
+372 5902 3431
Rootsiküla, Kihnu vald, SEPA