Puhka Kihnus OÜ – Kitchen of Rannametsa Farm

Rannametsa Farm’s home café

Linaküla, Kihnu vald 88003
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We offer delicious home-cooked food with a one-day reservation, using as many local ingredients as possible. We cater all year round, every day when the hostess is home. It is also possible to buy the food on the go. As a family of fishermen, we have fish is on the menu, but no one is left hungry without enough advance notice.Our home kitchen can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. In warm weather, up to 16 people fit under the thatched roof in the backyard and a group of up to 30 members can be accommodated all year round in the Kihnu Kalur seminar room next to Kihnu Harbour. We offer you breakfast, lunch and dinner or we will surprise you with a picnic basket.

Features and amenities


Free parking
Suitable for children

Inside 6
Outside on the terrace (in summer) 16



Features and amenities

Food to go
Estonian national cuisine
Group catering

Getting there

From the harbour, head to Kihnu Museum. Before the museum car park, a signpost points down a long straight road down the hill – the people of Kihnu call it Pritsu tee. Follow the road zigzagging through the forest until you see a lifebuoy with the inscription “Rannametsa talu” on the left side of the road, hanging on our shed.


Sealed access road
By excursion bus
By car

Times and prices


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