Rannakodu puhkemajad

Rannakodu Holiday Houses

Penu küla, Häädemeeste vald 86014
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At Rannakodu on Kabli Beach, you have holiday houses with kitchens and different camping cabins. In addition to two larger houses, there are cosy private camping cabins. We also welcome guests with tents or caravans.You can also go to a wood-heated sauna. There is a playground with a playhouse and swings, and a sandy beach for children. During the summer months, there is a café which serves everything from fast food to delicious meals. This place is also perfect for an active holiday: you can play volleyball or go hiking in the nature. Come and relax in the countryside!

Features and amenities

Features and amenities

Meals available if booked in advance
Breakfast for additional fee


Free parking
Camping area
Recreation room
Motor home/caravan parking
Pets allowed
Washing machine


Swimming area
Kids' playground
Sports facilities
Landscaped area
Barbecue area


Bed linen
Shared facilities


Rooms total 10
Beds 32
Number of beds in the high season 74
Double 5
Twin 4
Number of places for caravans 20
Camping area 100
Number of cabins 8
Number of places in cabin from 2

Additional services


Additional services

Motor home/caravan toilet emptying
Motor home/caravan power supply
Motor home/caravan rubbish depot
Motor home/caravan water supply

Getting there

The holiday house is located on Kabli Beach, 48 km from Pärnu and 2 km from the centre of Kabli.

Nearby stops

Bus: Orajõe metskond


Sealed access road
By excursion bus
By public transport
By car

Times and prices

22.06 - 01.09

Bed in room/price per person 22.00€
Tent price 17.00€
Motor home/caravan parking price 22.00€